Wheels 4 Farnsfield get Rolling!

Wheels 4 Farnsfield get Rolling!

News November 19, 2019
Wheels 4 Farnsfield get Rolling!

Wheels 4 Farnsfield is a community action group that has been set up with the goal of creating a high quality, well designed and environmentally sympathetic skatepark in Farnsfield.

The group aims to provide a safe, fun, family orientated and all inclusive free-to-use wheeled sports facility. Members of the community, who are excited about the plans, recently met at the site to demonstrate their support.

An impromptu skate/scooter session began, including riders aged from 5 to over 40, it was wonderful to see such community spirit.

One of the young people said: ”I want a skatepark because I think it’d be a good opportunity for kids wanting to start to learn stuff on scooters, bikes, skateboards, skates, anything – and they could go there and be in a safe, friendly environment and just progress and learn.”

Another commented: “I think it would be really fun and I would be able to learn things a lot quicker and I wouldn’t have to travel ages to get somewhere. It would add more things to do in Farnsfield.”

The Parish Council officially committed in 2017 to build a concrete skatepark at Hadleigh Park off Parfitt Drive, near the existing children’s play area. The project currently has a budget in the region of £120,000, made up of funding agreed by the Parish Council and a grant from Nottingham County Council’s Local Improvement Scheme.

In order to build the best facility possible, ‘Wheels 4 Farnsfield’ is consulting with local users of every age, along with Skate Nottingham, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to growing local opportunities for skateboarding in the run-up to the 2020 Olympics. If you think you can offer support of any kind or would like to get more involved, then please email us at: wheels4farn@gmail.com

Published November 2019