Want to lose weight, stop smoking or drink less?

Want to lose weight, stop smoking or drink less?

Business News April 15, 2015
Want to lose weight, stop smoking or drink less?


Dr Ian Campbell, Notts GP, national obesity specialist and co-founder Bodylibrium explains: “I watch with amazement how my patients make sweeping changes to their lives in such a short time. The mind coaching Felicity delivers is medically and scientifically backed, which is crucial for me as a scientist. One day I hope our programmes will be available on the NHS – that will only happen once the powers that be see we’re transforming the lives of enough people.”


Losing Weight and Reducing Alcohol Intake

“I didn’t think I needed mind coaching to lose weight”, explained 57 year old Val Wright, “I had just retired from teaching and decided I needed to focus on my health – losing weight was first. So I contacted Felicity at Bodylibrium and went along for my free 30 minutes to decide whether this was for me. Three months later I’m really pleased with how Felicity’s input has helped me change my look. I find I am more able to consistently make sensible food choices.”

Val Wright, from Southwell, quickly identified she was an emotional eater. Instead of reaching for a biscuit, piece of cake or glass of wine when she was upset, stressed or angry, the challenge was to accept the emotion and allow it to dissipate naturally. After several weeks of practice Val is much calmer and in control, has lost a stone and a half and is keeping the weight off.

Stopping Smoking

Pub landlord Oliver Brown stopped smoking overnight thanks to Bodylibirium’s one off two and a half hour session that uniquely mixes cognitive behavioural therapy with hypnotherapy – substantially increasing the success rate.

“My partner is expecting our baby boy in June. I knew I had to give up my 20 a day habit. I was sceptical when I signed up with Felicity. But three weeks after my one off session I haven’t touched a cigarette. Learning that smoking increases anxiety was a shock. Now I get the real relaxation benefits of the techniques Felicity taught me. I wish I knew about Bodylibrium years ago!” said 34 year old Oliver.

Changing behaviour, reducing stress and feeling better

What we do is a direct result of how we think and feel. Stress and anxiety, either at work, at home or perhaps due to a trauma, leads us to adopt unhelpful and often unhealthy behaviours, which long-term only do us harm. At Bodylibrium we get to root causes of those unhelpful behaviours and help find helpful alternatives that make us happy, feel better and be healthy.

The cognitive behavioural therapy science now shows rather than challenging and avoiding our thoughts and feelings as a way to change behaviour, it’s more effective if we recognise and accept thoughts and feelings. Then we practice adopting those new helpful thoughts and feelings, which, rather like learning to ride a bike, lead to sustainable long-term changes in behaviour.

Research on cat phobia, for example, shows the extreme anxiety suffered at first by a person sitting in a room surrounded by cats dissipates slowly over time. After four hours of mindfully accepting the cats, anxiety reduces to virtually nothing. Our busy lives mean most of us would suit the equally successful alternative process of desensitisation – slowly but surely scaling up our acceptance of the anxiety or fear (such as flying) over 4-6 weeks.

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