Transport Aid for Villages

Transport Aid for Villages

Extracts from The Bramley 30 Years Ago January 18, 2012

Villagers living in Newark District who have problems with transport are now being encouraged to make use of a new source of aid. The Community Council for Nottinghamshire are keen to help anyone set up a voluntary car service but this has been further encouraged by a grant made available to them by Newark District Council.

Many villages in Newark are badly served with public transport. Even thoughm in most cases, there are return buses to Southwell, Newark and Mansfield these are often at very inconvenient times. Whilst village shops, post offices, surgeries etc are falling in number there are not corresponding improvements in public transport to counter balance this decline.

A voluntary car scheme may be the answer especially where demand is low and irregular. The village needs to generate a pool of volunteer drivers and a co-ordinator. It is far better to start small than to be over ambitious. The drivers need to be reimbursed. This is where the grant from the funds available through the C.C.N. give any scheme an added advantage in the early days.

In many Newark Villages the good community spirit is a foundation for unofficial schemes between neighbours and friends. Many may remark that therefore there is no need for an organised scheme. In some cases they are right, but can we be sure that EVERYONE who needs a lift is covered? Remember, some people may be too proud to ask. An organised scheme may be more acceptable to some people.

The money is available until March 31st 1982. As well as finance the C.C.N. can help with publicity, posters, car stickers and advising on the scheme most appropriate to the village. The Rural Officer, Andrew George, welcomes enquiries.