The games we played

The games we played

News July 29, 2014
The games we played

Carefree summer days are upon us and National Trust gardens, parks and countryside in Nottinghamshire provide a perfect backdrop for visitors to have fun playing games and sports, just as they did many years ago when they were family homes.

“Whilst many things have changed over the years, the ways in which we like to relax and enjoy our free time have stayed remarkably the same. As we celebrate the arrival of summer, it’s fascinating to find out how the families who lived in the places we look after used to enjoy their leisure time,” said Catherine MacCarthy, Head of Conservation at the National Trust in the Midlands.

The families who lived in the houses and estates cared for by the National Trust would have enjoyed a variety of sports and pastimes including croquet which became very popular in England during the 1860s, tennis, bowling and archery, which had a revival as an upper-class pursuit in the late 18th century.

“From an energetic game of rounders to a gentle spot of croquet, there are lots of ways to make memories with your family at a National Trust place in Nottinghamshire this summer. Playing outside, whatever your age, in colourful gardens or parks and woodlands, is the perfect way to spend a summer’s day,” continued Catherine MacCarthy, Head of Conservation at the National Trust in the Midlands.

This summer, visitors to National Trust places in Nottinghamshire can have a go at playing old and new games. At The Workhouse families can have a go at traditional games like cup and ball, spinning tops and cat’s cradle. There’s also skipping ropes, hoops and sticks and whip and top. At Clumber Park you can bring along your own bat and ball for a game of rounders or borrow one of our sets – from croquet to crazy cricket and short tennis to ‘5 a side’ football, there’s plenty to choose from.

To start planning your summer of fun, visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk/midlands