The Fame of The Bramley Festival Spreads!

The Fame of The Bramley Festival Spreads!

News September 12, 2017
The Fame of The Bramley Festival Spreads!

Plans are underway for this year’s Bramley Festival taking place on Saturday 21st October.

Every year, people gather in the town to celebrate the UK’s favourite cooking apple which was first propagated here more than 200 years ago by Henry Merryweather, from the garden of a cottage on Church Street.

Organisers are very pleased this year to be welcoming two overseas authors to the Festival. Firstly Sakuko Kitano from Japan. Sakuko has included things about the Bramley in several of her books, aimed a great deal at Japanese visitors to this country, and our traditions and customs. Food figures quite a lot as well, so she is a perfect fit for the festival. After spending a few days in Southwell, Sakuko will then stay with Celia Stevens, the great granddaughter of Henry Merryweather.

The second visitor will be Susan Allen, an American author, educator, and actress. She has written for, taught, and entertained children for over 30 years. Her poems have appeared in print in the US and Europe. She has produced and directed numerous original plays for children. Susan’s latest book, Mary Ann and the Apple Tree, based on the origins of the Bramley Apple, will be available on Amazon in time for Christmas.

The book tells the story of little Mary Ann, who is given a gift of magical apples, by fairies who once inhabited Britain. Along with the apples, Mary Ann is given instructions to plant and care for the tree, so that it’s fruit might one day be shared throughout the world. Susan will be reading her book in the Library for the Festival

Susan said: “I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to returning to Southwell for the Festival and the opportunity to see more of the town and the wonderful people who live there.”