TH Personal Training Comes to Southwell

TH Personal Training Comes to Southwell

Sport May 10, 2016
TH Personal Training Comes to Southwell

After a successful first year in Lowdham, TH Personal Training has opened its doors at 14 Westgate, Southwell.

The facility is completely private and equipped with a variety of strength and fitness equipment from dumbbells to squat racks, resistance cables and rowers. And its all available exclusively to clients.

Head Trainer and owner Tarran Huntley tells why his facility is different from the norm. “Gyms can seem daunting, over-crowded and sometimes really impersonal. What we offer is a one-to-one environment and small group classes; no queuing for kit, no wondering what you’re supposed to do and no feeling daft. This creates an environment where our trainers can focus on getting real results for our clients and our clients can cultivate self-belief. For grassroots athletes this also provides a high quality environment not easily available outside of elite level centres.”

Tarran graduated from Nottingham Trent University where he studied Journalism, but whilst captaining his university Karate team he developed an interest in the role sport and exercise played in improving people’s lives and learning how exercise could impact the performance of his team.

“What started as a means of getting more out of myself and my team, turned into taking a personal training course and getting completely hooked on the practice. Now my clients – busy mums, working dads; come in, feel empowered and they turn their lives around. I’ve taken ten scores of people out of the obesity category now. They’re lives that I’ve hopefully had a hand in extending and enriching and that’s why I love it.”

Tarran still has a hand in training martial artists and one of his clients Neil is due to fight for a K1 kickboxing tittle at Harvey Haddon Stadium May 28th.

As well as running luxury wellbeing retreats abroad, Tarran now has plans to extend TH Personal Training’s offering: “We’ve launched a full class time table for small group personal training sessions, where you can just book in with like minded people and share the cost of training. We’re also offering outdoor ‘Bootcamp’ classes focused on movement patterns, running, agility & acceleration and general conditioning. They’ll be like a bootcamp but using the latest evidence based practice and two trainers to provide a safe and efficient environment.”

For training enquiries and a full class time table, you can find TH Personal Training; On Facebook: Tarran Huntley Personal Training; Online at: www.thpersonaltraining.com  or get in touch directly at: info@thpersonaltraining.com