Southwell Water Polo

Southwell Water Polo

Sport December 4, 2014
Southwell Water Polo


The two teams had met three times already this season and all matches were close fought affairs with only one goal separating the competitors.

With Southwell’s goal keeper and Oceans Seven swimmer Adam Walker
stuck in traffic the game started with Southwell playing a stand in between the sticks. The game got off to a good start for us with netting early on in the first quarter, then Leicester equalising a few minutes later.

The game was a bit of a cagy affair not quite living up to the fast paced, end to end battle that was a mark of the previous games. Things were all square at the end of the first and second quarters. At the start of the last quarter Southwell took a slim one goal lead into the last seven minutes of the game.

Things progressed steadily and when Chris Ireland bagged Southwell’s ninth and tenth goal of the match it gave us a two goal lead for the first time in the contest heading into the last minute. With Leicester scoring their ninth it meant a nervous last few moments were in store but we held our nerve and retained the trophy giving Southwell their second piece of silverware for the season.

In a fitting moment and as her last duty as president of the Notts ASA Shirley Grayson, former coach of Southwell swimming club, presented the trophy to victorious Southwell team.

Steve Poland