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Southwell Running Club

Sport January 17, 2017
Southwell Running Club

Christmas and New Year is the time to look back at your successes and could have done better moments, and forward to what you will achieve in the New Year.

Southwell Running Club looked back at the Christmas party at the Old Theatre Deli where the 2016 awards were presented. The Grand Prix Series is the award to win (in my opinion) as you have to do well in four races ranging from 1 to 10 miles. For the first time ever the Ladies award was presented to joint winners, Loraine Fozzard and Michelle Hall. The Men’s went to Steve Hargrave.

The individual race awards went to; Penny Durance for the 1 mile, Andrew Thorne for the 10K, Chris Wales for the 5K and Ant Rosevear for the 10 mile. Ian Haigh won the Chairman’s award, Paul Grogan won the Runners Runner award and Mick Turley had the honour of receiving the Mary Cochran award.

Three of SRC’s ‘old’ turkeys ran the Turkey Trot; Penny and Dick Durance and Brendan Parkinson. Ian Haigh won the Hallam Hat event, a very muddy cross country race.

So, looking forward, I have just bought a new pair of running shoes and plan to run a 10K on 2nd Jan for the first time in years with my daughter in law. Hopefully this will be the start of my running renaissance. Will I be picking up an award next year?

The Lazy Runner