Southwell Running Club

Southwell Running Club

Sport January 19, 2016
Southwell Running Club

At the Running Club’s Christmas dinner the annual awards were handed out. The one everyone would like to get is the Grand Prix Series award which is given to the male and female with the most points from the 10K, 1, 3 and 10 mile races. The races are spread through the year, so you have to keep fit and fast for a long time. Pete Moody and Lorraine Fozzard were the winners. Once again showing that as you get older you can still get faster.

Tracey Polak won the 1 mile, Paul Grogan the 3 mile and Ant Rosevear the 10 mile prizes. Dick Durance bagged the 10K prize. Mark Edmondson–Jones and Molly Campbell won the Best Race Performance prizes. The Chairman’s award went to Dick Durance. The Runners Runner award went to Paul Grogan.
An award in memory of Mary Cochran is given each year. Roy Crashley was the recipient.

While writing my New Year’s resolutions I decided to have the following running resolution; to get myself going again, let’s face it if the likes of Lorraine and Dick can keep winning prizes I still have a chance of running glory.

Another good reason for running was the bacon and sausage baps cooked by Brendon Parkinson for runners and spectators at the Three Villages Fun Run. A perfect way to get going in 2016. Come and join us, for details go to; www.southwellrunningclub.org.uk

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