Southwell Junior Badminton Cub

Southwell Junior Badminton Cub

Sport May 11, 2014
Southwell Junior Badminton Cub



In March, 55 members competed in our Annual Restricted Singles Tournament.

Some hotly contested matches produced the following winners and runners up in the girls’ competition: U10 Rosie Wood and Rosie Hardwick; U12 Heather Collins and Hope Sommers; U14 Emma Hooper and Eleanor Collins; U16 Heather Walker and Sophie Morley; U18 Rachel Cutts and Fran Baisley. The boys’ competition also saw some good play. Winners and runners up were: U10 Matthew Hooper and Sam Ware; U12 Michael Penn and Owen Williams (pictured); U14 James Wade and Oliver Stewart; U16 Adam Mullen and Dan Whaley.

Our club sessions continue on Saturday mornings between 9am and 1pm. The club is keen to welcome younger-aged children who are interested in taking up this demanding and competitive sport. Previous experience is not necessary, and boys and girls from School Years 3, 4 and 5 would be welcome for trials, subject to places being available. We are currently operating a waiting list for School Years 6, 7 and upwards.

For further information contact Alex Fenton on 01949 20417 or see our website at www.southwelljbc.co.uk.

Jane Pillinger