Slimmer Judy, drops a Clanger!

Slimmer Judy, drops a Clanger!

Business News April 8, 2015
Slimmer Judy, drops a Clanger!

Judy Gees, 56, a Cover Supervisor at The Minster School in Southwell has lost a whopping 1st 10lbs with her local Slimming World group in Farnsfield, the first half stone in the first two weeks.

Judy joined Kath Smith’s group in October 2014 and said: “The four large handbells I am holding in the picture weigh the equivalent of the 24lbs I have lost since joining my Slimming World group.” Judy is a keen handbell ringer and plays with the Northern Bell Orchestra once a month in Ashover, Derbyshire.

Judy decided to join the group one morning last October when she was struggling to fasten the zip on her school trousers and the zip broke! She decided to contact her local Slimming World Consultant and since becoming a member has enjoyed trying out new recipes, including cottage pie with a swede mash topping or “salmon curry in a hurry” on Slimming World’s famous food optimising plan. It has been very successful and Judy is only four pounds from her target weight. Before her weight loss, Judy was finding standing for long periods tiring and leading to back ache, but since her weight loss she has felt full of energy and vitality and has taken up cycling on the Southwell Trail near her home in Farnsfield.

Judy said: “I love the way I can enjoy my food, eating until I am fully satisfied knowing that I can still lose weight successfully”. When she joined her local group, Kath and the members in Farnsfield were so welcoming and friendly that now however tired and stressed she feels after work, she never misses going to meetings.
“I remember being slightly apprehensive on my first evening, but soon relaxed and joined in with the group, listening to them swapping slimming tips and ideas. The support was amazing and everyone was so friendly.” Judy felt so inspired that she has decided to open her own group in Lowdham and is looking forward to supporting new members to change their lifestyles in order to lose weight and to change their lives forever.

Members are allowed to select their own Personal Achievement Target and after five months, Judy is very nearly a target member. “I cringe when I think of some of the bad eating habits I used to have like eating an entire packet of honeyed cashew nuts whilst watching a film, or tucking into a whole carton of sugary popcorn at the cinema. Slimming World has given me the knowledge and confidence to change my lifestyle in order to embrace healthier eating habits and to engage in some exercise; the E word that used to be banned in the Gees household! I love the new recipes I have tried and the fact that I do not have to feel guilty about what I eat. I made an Eton Mess on aturday using natural yoghurt instead of cream, and it was delicious!” said Judy.

Judy’s eldest daughter, Emma, 24, is studying to be a doctor in Leeds, and her younger daughter, Sarah, 21, a trainee teacher, are amazed at the change in their Mum! Both girls are looking forward to going on bike rides and walks in the holidays when they return from university, and are very proud of their trimmer, slimmer Mum.

If you would like to join Judy’s new Slimming World group in Lowdham, meetings will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesdays in the new Community Centre Hall on Southwell Road, Lowdham, from 28th April 2015. Please ring Judy Gees on 07969 768001 or just turn up on the day! Teas, coffees and an empathetic ear will be provided . All welcome.