Slack Dads are fundraising heroes

Slack Dads are fundraising heroes

Featured News October 8, 2023
Slack Dads are fundraising heroes

THROUGHOUT the last month Caunton Cricket Club and a group of villagers known as the ‘Slack Dads’ joined forces to complete in back to back charity events in aid of the Newark Childrens Bereavement Charity. 

The first event was a three team quick fire cricket tournament on the annual Presidents Day at Caunton CC that, in true spirit of the game, ended with no winner as all teams drew! Much fun was had by all, players and spectators alike all made generous donations, and special thanks must go to Sally Ramsahoye who helped organise a wonderful raffle and a delicious tea. 

The following weekend held a return leg football game between both groups, which again ended in a draw with a final score of 5-5. This time a winner was decided through a penalty shootout with Sally’s husband Fenton, belying his age to make the winning penalty save in goal and deservedly take all the plaudits. 

A total of £1,250 has been raised this year through these and similar activities within the village. It was great to see the local community come together to support such a wonderful local charity. Thanks to everyone who made the events such fun. 

Paul Thomas