Running for Henry the Brave

Running for Henry the Brave

News October 13, 2020
Running for Henry the Brave

FIVE local runners took part in the London Virtual Run 2020 on 4th October to raise money for Henry the Brave a fantastic five year old boy from Caythorpe.

Henry has high risk stage 4 Neuroblastoma and needs treatment in the USA to maximise his chances of beating the illness. His family are aiming to raise £202,000 to fund the treatment, which is not yet available on the NHS. Henry loves nothing more than dressing up as a firefighter with his little brother and best friend Oliver. Henry is obsessed with everything fireman related and tells everyone what he will do when he goes to firefighter school.

One of the runners, Chris Cope said: “2020 has been pretty hard for everyone but Henry has been through so much more yet he keeps smiling! Hopefully our fund- raising can help his parents Graham and Rachel get much closer to their target.

“We wanted to run in London but we had to change our plans and make it a local event with a tracker to make sure we did 26.2 miles. On our route from Crop- well Bishop to Holme near Winthorpe we ran past Henry’s house and gave him a wave.

“To make it more of a challenge we trained really hard so that all of us could complete the marathon in less than 3 hours. And we did it.”

So far the runners have raised an amazing £2,779. You can still donate and help give Henry every chance of a long and happy future by going to: www.solvingkidscancer.org.uk/fundraisers/marathon-challenge-for-henry

Published October 2020