Roll on Southwell’s new skatepark!

Roll on Southwell’s new skatepark!

News February 9, 2022
Roll on Southwell’s new skatepark!

Progress on Southwell’s skatepark redevelopment has reached the next stage, as the brief for the new facility is ready to go out to tender after budget approval by Southwell Town Council this January.

The brief is based on wide consultation, as well as feedback from skateboarders on what equipment they would like to see in the new skatepark. The Council is looking also at how to make the best use of the area.

A user group was set up to provide input into the project and it will continue to play a key role. Members will work with Southwell Town Council, Friends of Southwell Parks and the appointed contractors to ensure the proposed skatepark becomes an exciting new facility for existing skaters, as welcoming a new generation to the growing sport. When complete, the park will be a real asset for the town.

Councillor Karen Roberts told The Bramley: “The half pipe has been removed for safety reasons. But we have already had a site visit from an accomplished skatepark designer, who was inspired by the town’s desire to expand the appeal of the skatepark and create an exciting and inclusive wheels-first venue. We hope to share design visuals with residents soon.”

Further public consultation on the proposed skatepark will be coming in the spring. Southwell Town Council has funding in place for some of the new skatepark, although additional external grants will need to be secured to deliver the whole project. It is hoped the project will be delivered later in 2022.

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