Return of School Pianists

Return of School Pianists

Extracts from The Bramley 30 Years Ago December 21, 2011

Many children in Nottinghamshire County Council schools are one again enjoying the benefits of live music in their lessons.  

This is because there has been a return of over 40 school pianists following the decision of the Education Committee in June to restore the service of accompanists.

Director of Education, Mr James Stone, said; “Many Primary Schools now have no competent pianists on their teaching staff. Since 1979 many schools have had to rely more and more on recorded music as accompaniment to singing, dancing and music lessons.  Whilst recorded music has a place  in schools it cannot fully replace the piano accompanist in a class teaching situation.”

The Committee has decided to spend up to £51,000 in 1981/82 and an additional £36,000 in 1982/83 to restore the service.

Some vacancies still exist in the Ashfield and Nottingham areas; anaccompanist who would like to be considered for these vacancies should contact the Director by contacting the Education Department, CountyHall, West Bridgford, telephone 863366.

The Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Education Committee,Councillor Fred Riddell, commented on the pianists:  “They will enrichthe education of children who will enjoy the benefit of the pianists’ music and assist teachers by providing live accompaniment for children’s singing and movement.”