Rare Turf for Upton School

Rare Turf for Upton School

Extracts from The Bramley 30 Years Ago February 19, 2013

Many of the children at Upton School are members of ‘Watch’, the Junior branch of the Nottingham Trust for Nature Conservation and are actively involved in preserving their natural heritage.

When the Trust offered the school a strip of turf which is at least 60 years old and contains many of the species of plant which are becoming very rare, the school accepted immediately. In the coming months the children hope to identify many plants including cowslips, yellow rattle and five different types of orchid, all within the strip of turf.

Meetings of the ‘Watch’ club are held regularly. if any local children are interested in coming to these meetings please contact Mrs C brown at Upton School.

Extract from The Bramley February 1983.