Pupils urged to Save Planet Earth

Pupils urged to Save Planet Earth

Extracts from The Bramley 30 Years Ago July 30, 2019
Pupils urged to Save Planet Earth

PUPILS at the Minster School’s Annual Prizegiving Ceremony on October 13th were given a stirring speech by Mr C. Alves, general secretary of the General Synod of the Church of England’s Board of Education.

He said the past year had been one of great change, nowhere more so than in Eastern Europe. He emphasised the importance of learning foreign languages and urged pupils to look not only towards the European Community but beyond it. They should look to the South, to the needs of the so called Third World countries and realise that this description was quite false since these countries are all part of our one world. Their future and ours were entirely interlinked.

Mr Alves asked pupils to consider what they could do to preserve Planet Earth. It was being used like a local supermarket but could not replenish its resources as easily as packing shelves on a Monday morning.

Headmaster of the Minster School, Mr Russell Perry, talked about the changes the school had had to come to terms with over the past year as a result of the Government’s many Education Acts. He said the school had coped very well with the introduction of the GCSE examinations and the radical changes that had involved. The excellent results were a testimony to the hard work of pupils and staff alike.

He said that one of the purposes of the Education Reform Act 1988 had been to increase parental choice and that there was no doubt that the Minster School was a very popular school with parents.

“The popularity we enjoy seems to me to be focussed first and foremost on our high academic standards – the central place we give to work in the classroom and the drive for high attainment.”

Prizes were presented by Mr Alves who was, in turn, thanked by Head Boy Adrian Cook.

An Extract from The Bramley November 1989