Powerlifter seeks Sponsorship to Lighten the Load!

Powerlifter seeks Sponsorship to Lighten the Load!

Sport December 13, 2016
Powerlifter seeks Sponsorship to Lighten the Load!

Maureen (Mo) Proctor, a personal trainer at Southwell Leisure Centre started Powerlifting three years ago, after being a bodybuilder for several years.

She has had much success over those three years and qualified for three international competitions, but has only attended one, held in the UK, due to financial restraints.

Mo says: “Next year I have the option to travel to Finland with the British powerlifting union for the europeans or Azerbaijan for the world championship. I hope to qualify for internationals with GPC-GB which will be in Czech Republic.”

After a productive off season, spending her time gaining strength and working on technique, Mo’s plan is to aim for some more british and international titles and records. She continues: “As a master 3 lifter and being 50 years old, there are very few of us competing at this level and opportunities are rare. Travel to competitions both here and abroad is becoming more costly so I now need to look for some form of sponsorship to assist with next year’s efforts.”

If you are interested in sponsoring Mo please contact her at mtpfitness@hotmail.co.uk