Positively Perfect Puss Archie

Positively Perfect Puss Archie

News May 13, 2014
Positively Perfect Puss Archie

A local animal charity is championing the rewards of adopting loving but overlooked cats.

One such cat, rescued thanks to Animal Accident Rescue Unit, is six year old Archie (pictured). Found existing on Nottingham’s streets, Archie was in a bad state with a painful facial abscess – but following dedicated care is now fit and healthy. As with all the charity’s cats, Archie was FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) tested. As he tested positive, he and the charity are taking this opportunity to explain FIV – with the aim that he and others can enjoy new homes.

As an experienced volunteer explains: ‘FIV should definitely not be confused with FeLV (Feline Leukaemia); they’re two entirely different viruses. They’re mentioned together as vets test for both together, but whilst FeLV affects health and lifespan, FIV most certainly does not.’

FIV depletes white blood cells numbers, eventually making the cat less able to fight off infection. As the charity, which rescues many FIV-positive cats, emphasises however: ‘FIV is extremely slow-acting. These cats can enjoy a completely normal lifespan with no arising health problems. The only need is that it’s solely transmitted between cats, FIV-positive cats are kept indoors, and only homed with positive cats.’

Archie is a most friendly cat and is hoping someone will see beyond his FIV-status to the affectionate, healthy boy he is! He is neutered, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated and litter-trained.

To share your life with Archie, ring 0115 9984307 (only to be used for Archie enquiries), leaving a message with your postcode and contact details, or email admin@aaru.org.uk. For other enquiries email as above or call 0115 9321555 including offering cat fostering – which the charity urgently needs.