Planning ahead for the future

Planning ahead for the future

Business News July 16, 2015
Planning ahead for the future

Following the government’s Inheritance Tax announcement in the Summer Budget 2015 allowing couples to pass a house worth up to £1m to their children or grandchildren, Ann Farnill, Head of Wills, Trust & Probate at Tallents Solicitors is urging everyone to either make a will or review an existing one.

Says Ann:

“Although this current change to Inheritance Tax won’t take effect until April 2017, it’s vital that people ensure that any existing wills reflect their current circumstances.

“And even if you don’t have a £1m house to leave to your dependents, you should ensure that you have a current will in place which will distribute your estate according to your wishes, and not the government’s.”

Ann finishes:

“We have a very experienced team within the Wills, Trust and Probate department at Tallents and they can help you prepare a valid will or discuss other estate planning tools, such as Powers of Attorney or long-term care planning.

“Call us on 01636 813411 to arrange an appointment today.”