Outdoor Adventures this Half-term

Outdoor Adventures this Half-term

News May 22, 2014

With May half-term about to begin, National Trust staff and volunteers have picked their favourite of the Trust’s ’50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ to complete at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.

The charity’s ’50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ initiative is a checklist of adventures and experiences for younger visitors (and the young at heart) to complete and have fun outdoors.

“The ’50 things’ initiative has been very well received, with thousands of children participating,” said Harry Bowell, director for the National Trust in the Midlands. “We know that encouraging children to connect with nature benefits both them and the natural environment that the Trust was set up to care for. We also know that children love a challenge: the list of 50 things is a great introduction to outdoor adventures (and not just for those of us over 11 ¾!). We’re lucky enough to have some incredible outdoor places on our doorstep in Nottinghamshire look forward to welcoming family visitors throughout the half-term week.”

Clumber Park is running a series of “starter for ten” activities over the bank holiday weekend, inviting visitors to make a start to their list of 50 things to do before they’re 11 ¾. Five of the best activities to do at Clumber Park are:

1. Build a den (number 4): the woods are perfect for den-building.

2. Make a grass trumpet (number 25), and not just with grass: lots of other plants make green trumpets creating an amazing botanical band.

3. Hold a scary beast (number 30): Clumber is home to 600 species of spider alone.

4. Create some wild art (number 18): the pinetum has amazing cones to enable children to create an outdoor masterpiece.

5. Hunt for bugs (number 31): the varied habitats at Clumber Park, make it the perfect setting for a bug safari.

The full list of ’50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ can be downloaded at www.nationaltrust.org.uk/midlands50things, along with a guide to how many of the 50 things can be completed at Clumber Park.