Nottingham Roosevelt Scholarship open for 2022 Applications

Nottingham Roosevelt Scholarship open for 2022 Applications

News January 17, 2022
Nottingham Roosevelt Scholarship open for 2022 Applications

Every spring one of Nottinghamshire’s little known secrets opens its doors to applications. This is the Nottingham Roosevelt Scholarship.

It’s been going since 1948 when the first five scholars left Nottingham station for their adventure in the USA. While many other cities in the UK put up statues in honour of President Franklin Roosevelt for the role he played in ending the war, Nottingham chose to have a living memorial in the form of the scholarship. Since 1948 nearly 200 individuals have experienced this life-changing scholarship. Scholars are chosen from across the county and the only qualifications needed are to be aged between 21 and 35, to be employed, and to live or work in the county.

Scholars choose a subject of their choice to investigate and plan their trip based on the US people and places they want to visit. Scholars used to spend 6 months travelling the states and staying with the Roosevelts and gaining introductions to help with their project. The Roosevelt name helps open doors to eminent people and businesses within the US to learn about ideas and practices that can benefit Nottinghamshire.

Scholars are expected to stay with American families to immerse themselves in American society, industry, and culture so they can realise their aspirations and benefit the wider Nottinghamshire community.

To find out more visit https://rooseveltscholarship.org/how-to-apply/