New year brings new flooding

New year brings new flooding

Featured News January 16, 2024
New year brings new flooding

THE new year started as 2023 ended, Storm Henk (the eighth storm this season) delivered up to 30mm of rain onto already saturated ground. 

Some parts of Nottinghamshire have now seen more than 170% of the average autumn rainfall. 

Our region was again badly affected, this time from small local rivers and becks flooding roads and properties, as well as the River Trent which almost reached the levels of the historic floods of 2,000 bringing flooding to villages and roads along its banks. Several communities were cut off for a period of time with some residents needing to be evacuated. 

Residents again rallied round to help their neighbours and thanks are due to all flood wardens, volunteers, community groups, emergency services, businesses and council workers that offered support. 

A Fiskerton resident said: “I was raised in Fiskerton and have lived here most of my life and have never seen flooding as bad”. 

Climate Change is warming up the atmosphere which allows the air to absorb more water and when combined with an El Nino year (when the Pacific Ocean warms up, causing shifts in weather patterns worldwide) it will lead to more extreme rainfall events. Organisations including the National Flood Forum, Lowdham FLAG and Southwell Flood Forum are working hard with all relevant organisations to make our homes and infrastructure more resilient to future events. 

The Government has announced a Flood Recovery Framework offering financial support to those impacted by flooding and the District Council will be sharing details of how to apply for this shortly. 

Residents who need help disposing of large household items that have been damaged by the flooding can book a free bulky waste collection with the District Council. Bookings must be made by calling 01636 650000 and not on the Council’s website.