New Online Access to Medical Centre

New Online Access to Medical Centre

News March 5, 2014

Since the beginning of February, the Medical Centre in Southwell has started an online service for booking appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions.

Practice Manager, Nigel Kenward explains: “Ordering repeat prescriptions online can be a big help for a lot of patients. In the recent patient survey we carried out with our Patient Participation Group (Southwell Medical User Group) it became clear that working people and those who lived away from the practice would appreciate being able to log-on to order their medication.

“It’s also important however, that we don’t design systems just for online usage as there are many people who do not use the internet. The online system for requesting medication will not impact at all on the people that do not have internet access and, although we have opened up a few appointments each day for online booking only, it’s only a small number at present, and I don’t expect that people who don’t use the system will notice any detrimental effect on their ability to get an appointment. Of course, if online booking of appointments proves popular, and is not abused, then we will release some more appointments for online booking, whilst still keeping lots available for those who prefer to book in-person or on the phone.”

Patients of the medical centre who wish to register for the online service should attend the surgery between 10am and noon on any Tuesday or Wednesday in February or March and ask to speak to Lynne the IT Manager or alternatively send a request along with a SAE to Mrs L Johnson, IT Manager, Southwell Medical Centre. The Ropewalk, Southwell NG25 0AL.