New health and fitness centre

New health and fitness centre

News January 5, 2016
New health and fitness centre

A new health and fitness centre has opened up in Netherfield. The Netherfield Wellness Centre, which is based on Victoria Road, offers members free weekly fitness classes, nutritional advice, skincare and nutritional shake parties and full body analysis.

The Wellness Centre is a foundation built on bringing people together within the local area. Its goals are to provide long term health solutions through promoting a Healthy Active Lifestyle, whilst providing education on a Healthy balanced diet. The centre understands that successfully achieving your body composition goals is so much more that just increasing/decreasing calories. The community is built through:
-Healthy Active Lifestyle

The Wellness Centre serves coaches as a central education HUB, as well as being the location for FREE Fit Camps which take place in the adjoining hall. There are  many activities on offer that new guests can attend on a weekly basis to gain a further insight into exactly what the centre does.

The centre’s first fitness competition begins on Tuesday 5th January. The Netherfield Body Challenge lasts for eight weeks and a cash prize is up for grabs to the winner.

To find out more about Netherfield Wellness Centre visit the website www.midlandsbodychallenge.com or contact Emma and Phil on 07891471773