Microchipping Available at Dog Rescue Charity

Microchipping Available at Dog Rescue Charity

News June 16, 2015
Microchipping Available at Dog Rescue Charity

While microchipping significantly increases your chance of being reunited with your lost dog, did you know that from April 2016 it will be a legal requirement?

Jerry Green Dog Rescue is joining the call to raise awareness of National Microchipping Month by offering free advice to owners and microchipping for a donation to the charity.
Under the new guidelines, from April 2016 all dogs in England must be microchipped and registered on an authorised microchip database by the age of eight weeks.

Rebecca Issott, the North Lincolnshire Centre Manager, said: “As part of the countdown to the new legislation, we’re championing National Microchipping Month this June by encouraging all dog owners to get their four-legged-friends microchipped.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming the new measures, which we’re hopeful will significantly reduce the number of dogs that are left abandoned and in danger every year.
“Most importantly, it will increase the chance of loving owners being reunited with their dog if they become separated.”

All the dogs being cared for at Jerry Green Dog Rescue centres are microchipped as part of the preparation for finding forever homes. The charity has five centres, including Thirsk in North Yorkshire, Blidworth in Nottinghamshire, Gilberdyke in East Yorkshire, Broughton in North Lincolnshire and Algarkirk in Lincolnshire and aims to find forever homes for over 800 dogs every year.

For more information about microchipping contact Jerry Green Dog Rescue via fundraising@jerrygreendogs.org.uk or call 01652 650886.