Memorial Challenge

Memorial Challenge

News November 9, 2014
Memorial Challenge


Would you be surprised to learn that Southwell has 26 (yes 26!) known War Memorials. These come in all shapes and sizes: giant stone crosses, iron plaques, huge lace panels, stained glass windows, a stone archway with iron gates . . .

War Memorials Online (www.warmemorialsonline.org.uk) is an initiative by the War Memorials Trust for us all to upload images of our local War Memorials so together we can build a complete picture of the whereabouts, type and condition of all war memorials in the UK. Amongst the thousands of memorial images now on the website Southwell currently has just one photograph uploaded.

This is perhaps an opportunity to get our children and grandchildren off the Xbox and out into the community to locate, photograph and upload their photographs and contribute to a lasting online project to all 100,000 War memorials throughout the UK. Every image uploaded confirms the name of the person who submitted it so any contributors will see their names displayed.

All 26 war memorials are within easy walking distance of Southwell centre so please get out your cameras and take a walk. To help you the details and locations of 15 of these War memorials are listed below

1. The Archway with iron gates Bishops Drive on the recreation ground

2. Inscriptions on the side of family grave stone to brothers Frank and Albert Paling who died in WW1—Southwell Minster outside.

3. Stained Glass Window inside Southwell Minster dedicated to Major John Becher

4. White Marble tablet listing the 22 former pupils of the School who died in WW1—inside Southwell Information centre.

5. Stained Glass window dedicated to the two Handford brothers who died in WW1—Inside Southwell Minster

6. Iron Plaque listing 22 names killed in WW1 (employees of Carey and Son) outside Rainbows on the Burgag

7. Two white marble tablets inside Southwell Methodist Church listing 41 names

8. Memorial stone to two brothers (in the grounds of Southwell Minster) Vincent and John Brown, died WW1

9. Stained glass window dedicated to Archibald Stanley, died WW1—inside Holy Trinity Church

10. Stained glass window dedicated to Ernest Vickers, died WW1—inside Holy Trinity Church

11. Wooden Memorial inside Southwell Minster lists 107 names (WW1) and 23 from World War 2

12. Large Wooden Battlefield Cross with bronze plate fixed to wall in the grounds of Southwell Minster dedicated to John Becher

13. Stone tablet listing 23 names inside Holy Trinity Church 14.

14. Addition to the family grave outside Southwell Minster, memorial cross dedicated to John William Hooper Labbett died in WW1

15. Memorial stone to William (WW1) and George (WW2) Foster, father and son, addition to family gravestone in Minster grounds

www.warmemorialsonline.org.uk a lasting online tribute