Maplebeck and Kersall clean up

Maplebeck and Kersall clean up

News May 10, 2021
Maplebeck and Kersall clean up

Lockdown brought many challenges but one of the advantages of living in the country was the joy of daily exercise which for most is a walk, cycle or run.

As it went on more people were discovering our lovely area including those that lived here who were spending more time outside and also realising how much litter was affecting the area. An increase in outside activity county wide has put a huge pressure on local councils attempting to cope with the huge increase in litter.

A few of us in the villages of Maplebeck and Kersall noted how much there had collected in the verges as we walked the roads over this past year, mostly from discarded PPE, takeaways, coffee cups and beer cans.

A chance email encounter with the Environmental Programme Officer Lynn Preece led to her support and the loan of some equipment which encouraged us to organise a litter picking day for Saturday 10th April.

A great response from 34 volunteers enabled us to cover a seven-mile stretch from A617 through Winkburn and Maplebeck and up through Kersall and beyond the A616. We collected in excess of 50 bags of rubbish plus many other discarded items of differing varieties from a wheel to a roof rack.

It was a great effort, everyone thought it very worthwhile and wish to make it an annual event. Thank you to everyone from Maplebeck and Kersall for taking part, the children for their enthusiasm and to the students from Kneesall for their efforts outside their own area.

Thank you to Lynn for facilitating the event.

A successful day but a plea to visitors, locals and cars passing through: TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME!!!

Brendan Carson
Chair Maplebeck Parish Meeting