Lions Santa Float Route 2014

Lions Santa Float Route 2014

News December 4, 2014
Lions Santa Float Route 2014

The float routes have been chosen to avoid any clashes with the school Christmas events and give all the opportunity to see Santa as close to Christmas as possible.
We have made some minor changes again to the routes to try to cover the area more effectively but some nights can be busier than others, so please bear with us if the timings are not spot on.

It’s a busy time for Santa and his helpers and we hope to see as many of the children and adults in Southwell and District in the 2 weeks before Christmas.

Santa and the float will be outside the Rodney 20th December from approximately 8.30 to 13.00.

Thurs 11th Farnsfield (Farnsfield 2)

6.20 Far Back Lane, Broomfield, Goodwin Court
7.00 Alexander Road, Abbott Crescent
7.20 Station Lane, Spring Lane, Fletcher Court
8.00 Birch Avenue, Murdoch Close, Cockett Lane
8.30 Mansfield Road, Church Side

Friday 12th Southwell + Kirklington (Southwell 1)

6.10 Westgate, Handford Court, Micklebarrow Close, Landseer Road
6.40 Westgate, Halloughton Road, Nottingham Road
7.30 Westgate, Hillside Drive, Ashtree Close, Honing Drive,
8.10 Westgate, Lowes Wong, Dunham Close, Wands Close
8.30 Southwell Road and the Green, Kirklington

Mon 15th Maythorne, Gibsmere , Bleasby, Thurgarton (Villages 1)
Changed to start off in Maythorne and then from Gibsmere via Bleasby finishing in Thurgarton

6.10 Maythorne
6.35 Gibsmere
7.05 Bleasby : Main Street, Gypsy Lane , Sycamore Lane , ,
7.35 Elmore’s Meadow , Hawthorn Close, Orchard Close , Manor Close, Station Rd
8.20 Thurgarton:, Bleasby Road, Beck Street
8.40 Priory Park

Tues 16th Southwell, Halam, Edingley (Southwell to Halam etc)

6.00 Ropewalk, Monckton Drive, Manor Close, Appletree Close, Private Road.
6.35 Kirklington Road,
7.00 Woodland Drive, Pinewood Close, Fern Close
7.30 Glenfields, Hopkiln Lane
8.10 Halam: Radley Road and Back Lane
8.40 Edingley, Main Street, Station Road.

Weds 17th Villages inc Morton, Fiskerton, Rolleston (Villages 2)
Changed to collect on Cottams Close, Ruby’s Walk and the new houses in Rolleston.

6.05 Cottams Close, Ruby’s Walk, Fiskerton Road.
6.30 Morton: Main Street, Daybill Close, Middle Lane, Manor Drive, Church Lane
7.00 Fiskerton: Gravelly Lane, Longmead Drive, Main Street
7.40 Station Road, Marlock Close, Green Lane
8.30 Rolleston: Fiskerton Road, Holly Court, Station Road, Manor Farm Close, Croft Farm Close

Thurs 18th Southwell (Southwell 2)

6.05 Halam Road, Humberstone inc Tathams Orchard , Brook Walk and The Jubilee and Adams Row
6.35 Woodland View, Hillcrest, Chatsworth Avenue,
7.10 Dudley Doy Road, Beaumont Avenue, May Hill, The Riddings
7.40 Allenby Road, Vicarage Road, Trinity Road, Westgate
8.15 West Lawns, Warrands Close, Westhorpe
8.40 Oxton Road, Allenby Road

Friday 19th Southwell (Southwell 3)

6.05 Lower Kirklington Road, Archers Field, Byron Gardens
6.35 Dover Street, Chatham Street
6.50 Riverside, Dornoch Avenue, Station Road, Cannons Close
7.25 Newark Road, Haywood Close, Meadow View, Greet Park Close,
7.50 Templemans Way, Chimes Meadow
8.10 Easthorpe, Crew Lane, Palmers Court, Bramley Close,
8.30 Church Street, Farthingate, Wakeling Close

Mon 22nd Farnsfield (Farnsfield 1)

6.20 Parfitt Drive, Irving Close, Carding Close
6.40 Main Street, Quaker Lane, Gregory Gardens, Gordon Close
7.00 Tippings Lane, Powell Court, Main Street, New Hill
7.30 Branston Avenue, Ridgeway Close
8.00 Dayncourt Walk, Meadow Close, Long Meadow
Ridgeway, Milldale Road, Woodland Close, Greenvale, Greenwood Close Woodside
8.40 Brickyard Lane, Nether Court

Tues 23rd Southwell (Southwell 4)

6.10 Leeway Road, Nursery End, Arnold Close
6.30 Silvey Avenue, Springfield Road,
7.15 Craft’s Way, Stenton Close, Raysmith Close, Merryweather Close
7.40 Caudwell Close, Kirkby Close, Lower Kirklington Road
8.00 Norwood Gardens
8.30 Orchard Close, Ridgeway