Lions Coastal Challenge continues…

Lions Coastal Challenge continues…

News March 10, 2021
Lions Coastal Challenge continues…

Southwell and District Lions have set ambitious targets for their coastal challenge, both in terms of distance that they need to cover every day, but also the sum of £5,480 they want to raise for Brain Tumour Research

However, such an amount would only pay for two day’s research at one of their centres.

The team left Skegness and its attractions behind them on their way South on 14th February and covered over 750 miles in the first week, reaching Brighton, virtually that is! It’s still a bit too cold to mimic putting toes in the cold Channel waters or jumping off the pier, but it’s great to have made such a head start.

By the time you read this, they might have passed Land’s End and be walking along the North Cornwall coastline.

With the recent rain, you may have seen the team on the Southwell SW ring road: i.e. Crink Lane, Stubbins Lane returning via Westhorpe. If you spot them whilst out walking, do give them a wave or say a socially distanced hello.

Check out their website and Facebook pages for news on the latest point where they would have passed if they’d been doing the walk for real.
Donations are welcome directly via Just Giving: Just Giving 
Mental health has been an issue in our society well before Covid, and this message was brought home by a recent presentation by Graham McCartney, who founded Jonathan’s Voice in memory of his son who took his own life. Southwell and District Lions have donated £500 to this local charity to help them further the awareness in SMEs to improve mental health practices in the workplace.

If you are interested in joining the Lions Club, or want to ask for help in some way, you can reach them via the contact tab on their website or email: lionsouthwell@gmail.com