Life in Southwell in the 1780s

Life in Southwell in the 1780s

Featured News December 13, 2021
Life in Southwell in the 1780s

Southwell Local History Society has just launched its latest book, based on the diaries of George Hodgkinson Junior for the years 1782-84. They reveal an interesting insight of business and social life in Georgian Southwell.

During the period of the diaries, George completed his final year as an apprentice attorney in London and has also provided a fascinating record of life in the city.

Young George assisted his father, also George, in running their successful legal practice in Southwell, undertaking work for many wealthy clients, including the senior MP Sir Richard Sutton of Norwood and the Archbishop of York, who had financial interests in Southwell and district. They had frequent contact with them both, sometimes of a social nature.

Mike Kirton has transcribed and edited the diaries and written a substantial introduction, expanding on the information they provide.

Whilst in Southwell and travelling across country to service clients, George Junior indulged in plenty of ‘hunting, shooting, and fishing’, in contrast to visits to London where his leisure time was spent in the many inns and theatres with names that are familiar to us today.

The book, Georgian Southwell 1782-84, George Hodgkinson Junior, Attorney of Southwell, Nottinghamshire, is available from the Society, the Cathedral Shop, and the Bookcase in Lowdham. www.southwellhistorysociety.co.uk