Knot a Problem for Scouts

Knot a Problem for Scouts

News March 5, 2014
Knot a Problem for Scouts

Scouts are being creative this term. They have learnt how to make wrist bands and woggles using paracord under the expert eye of Cub Leader Rikki. Following that knotting triumph, they practised a whole series of knots – useful, for example, if you were rescuing flood-stranded citizens by boat.

Having successfully tackled big and small ropes, they moved on to a number of problem-solving activities involving bricks, Lego, catching boiled sweets with socked hands and a fiendish Kim’s game.

Scouts also spent an exciting weekend exploring the countryside around Ilam YHA. The weather was great despite all the rain recently but everywhere was extremely muddy – needless to say, so were the Scouts! Map reading skills were practised and the way finders were well tested, but dormitory standards needed no improvement – they were already perfect. There has to be a first time for everything!

Foresters Beavers have been finding out about Chinese New Year, learning how to write their names in Chinese and using chopsticks. They have invested three new members and found out about sweet rationing and unhealthy foods. Woodlander Beavers had a visit from the lovely ladies Carla and Debs from ‘Hens-at-Home’. They gave a fabulous presentation about the joys of keeping chickens. The Beavers were fascinated by the chicken pooh and misshapen eggs! The highlight of the evening was meeting Cookie the rescued battery hen and stroking her. Every child was given an egg to try to squeeze and break in one hand which is much harder than you think!

The Group is always looking for more leaders – had you thought of volunteering? Whilst involving young people in all the traditional Scouting skills, programmes are very up-to-date now incorporating such activities as video making and electronic science experiments. Scouting is an everyday adventure! We welcome adults interested in developing our weekly meetings. Please contact Graham Ball on 01636 814371 to find out more!

Information about section meeting times can be found on the Group’s website at www.southwellscouts.org