Keep Our Valley Green!

Keep Our Valley Green!

News November 18, 2014
Keep Our Valley Green!

Notts. County Council are inviting your views on a proposal to quarry gravel in the rich farming pastures of the iconic Shelford Valley for the next 13 years or more.

A group of countryside lovers and Shelford Valley inhabitants have formed a campaign team to canvass the public’s support to send objections to the scheme to Notts. County Council during an 8-week Consultation period ending on 10th December.

Save Shelford Valley campaigners say that the quarrying of 550 acres of quality agricultural land farmed by generations of local farmers, will not only destroy an area the size of 139 football pitches, but will also remove forever, some of the most beautiful Trent Valley Way walks and views and subsume the much-walked Stoke Ferry Lane down to the Trent. The deer, badgers, hares, foxes, scarce birds and bats that live in the Valley will be expelled and the impact on local pubs, restaurants, horse riders, walkers and fisherman will be significant.

There will be a 1½ mile dusty gravel conveyor belt crossing the Shelford-Gunthorpe Road to a large processing plant on the A6097 near Gunthorpe Bridge. Local motorists will experience increased congestion from new traffic lights enabling an estimated 126 20-ton HGV lorries a day to join/leave the A6097 near Gunthorpe Bridge.

The Valley’s environment and quality of life will be damaged. Nearby villages on both sides of the Trent are expected to be negatively affected by dust, noise and pollution.

If you would like to find out more and/or object to this proposal you can do so at www.saveshelfordvalley.org or write to Notts. County Council Planning Department, County Hall, NG2 7QP.