Jonathan Curtis Eclectic Band

Jonathan Curtis Eclectic Band

News January 8, 2015
Jonathan Curtis Eclectic Band

Jonathan Curtis is a drummer and session musician who lived in Southwell for over 20 years, attending both Lowe’s Wong and Southwell Minster schools. Now he is releasing his debut album Carousel with the Jonathan Curtis Eclectic Band.

Carousel features eight original tracks in the jazz-fusion genre. Written by Jonathan over the course of the past two years and recorded throughout 2014 at Nottingham’s Curly Lead Studios, the album began as an exploration of ideas:

Jonathan said: “I wrote each song with a core idea in mind. This might be an emotion or particular type of ambience, or it might be a musical device or specific piece of musical styling. Whatever the case, I tried to realise each idea throughout the track, often using them as springboards for improvisation and expression. Simply put, I tried to write the album that I wanted to listen to, and tracks I wanted to play on.”

Jonathan Curtis plays the drums, while Tom Sharp plays electric keyboard, and Sam Jackson the bass, both acoustic and upright. To lend colour and a new voice to the album, Dan Barker-Bey features on the saxophone for three of the tracks. David Buckley of Nottingham’s Curly Lead Studios produced, mixed and mastered the tracks, all of which were recorded by the band, live and as a whole in the same room.

Footage of some of the sessions can be seen in a video below (bottom of our homepage). Carousel hit the shelves last month. For more information, please contact Jonathan Curtis directly: www.jonathancurtis.co.uk , 07801 562784 or Jon@JonathanCurtis.co.uk