Inspirational Imagery from BuzzPix

Inspirational Imagery from BuzzPix

Business News March 11, 2015
Inspirational Imagery from BuzzPix

Is your business looking for an original marketing angle? If so, BuzzPix can provide inspirational imagery from a unique aerial perspective.

Operating from ground level up to 400 feet the radio controlled hexacopter with its 24 MP camera can take HD video as well as stills, capturing imagery from an almost endless array of angles.

As a resident of Hockerton Housing Project, Bill Bolton of BuzzPix has sustainability in mind. Aerial Photography without the need for aeroplanes is a key feature as are the lower cost and versatility of the Hexacopter. Using batteries recharged by wind power, it is the perfect way to showcase these unique eco houses and supporting renewable systems in their beautiful surroundings.

Promotional images of Hockerton Housing Project can be found via the website www.hockertonhousingproject.org.uk.

To find out how BuzzPix can help promote your business go to www.buzzpix.co.uk or call Bill on 01636 819117.