Help Save Norwood Play Park!

Help Save Norwood Play Park!

News July 4, 2018
Help Save Norwood Play Park!

A group of parents have come together to raise money to improve Norwood Play Park, a small play area situated along the Southwell Trail. The park is used by lots of children and families in the area, however it is now sadly dilapidated and in need of restoration and repair.

Rachel Littlewood, a member of the campaign group said: “The park should cater for around 400 children who live in this area of Southwell, as well as those that stay at the camp at Maythorne and who come from further afield, using the Trail as a bike route. Unfortunately it is not fit for purpose at the moment.”

The Town Council has pledged to undertake urgent repairs as soon as possible. Local Councillor Beryl Prentice said: “The Town Council discussed the Play Park at the June meeting of the Full Council and agreed to use £5,000 from the Council’s CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) Funds to undertake immediate urgent repairs and renovations to part of the park. The Council also set aside another £5,000 from the same funds, which can be used as ‘matched funding’ which is often required as part of grant awards from other bodies.”
The Council’s clerk, groundsman and Councillor Beryl Prentice have recently met at the Park to prioritise the work required for Phase 1 and representatives from the Park Action Group have been invited to the next meeting of the Operations Committee.

The Action Group want to go further and are working towards completely renovating the area, making it accessible to children of all abilities and a safe place for them to play.
A public consultation was recently held after residents asked Proludic, a playground equipment design company, to look at the site. It showed examples of work done elsewhere so parents and children could say what equipment they would like to see installed. The event was well attended by children, parents and a local Beavers group.
The group is now looking at various ways of raising enough money to complete the work required.

Rachel Littlewood said: “This is where you come in. Times are tight for all of us, but if we don’t save this park now, it will be lost. We will be organising fundraising events and we have a fundraising page on our Facebook group. Join the discussion, help us. This is your park too.”

As well as donations the group is looking for help organising fundraising events and applying for Grants. If you can help please contact trailpark2018@gmail.com or go to the facebook page: Friends of Norwood Play Park.  You can also donate via: www.facebook.com/donate/615617942126899