Happy Charles the Martyr Day?

Happy Charles the Martyr Day?

News January 21, 2016
Happy Charles the Martyr Day?

When Newark backed King Charles I in the British Civil Wars, succumbing after a terrible six-month siege in 1646, it all ended in tears for both parties.

The town lost a third of its population to fighting and disease and the King was taken captive and had his head cut off three years later.

But that didn’t stop the Church of England declaring the date of his execution – 30th January – as ‘Charles the Martyr Day’ and also making him a saint.

The National Civil War Centre will be marking the day by staging colourful costumed performances asking whether he was actually more of a sinner than a saint. Was he a good king or a ruler who led his people – including the citizens of Newark – down the path of ruin?

The setting will be the spectacular event Tudor Hall and events take place on Saturday 30 January at 11am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm. They are suitable for all ages and performances are included in the normal price of admission: £7 adults, £6 concessions and £3 children. A season ticket is just £11 and English Heritage members are admitted at half price.


More information at: www.nationalcivilwarcentre.com

Twitter: @civilwarcentre