Free Tree Scheme Underway

Free Tree Scheme Underway

News October 22, 2019
Free Tree Scheme Underway

A free tree scheme, handing out thousands of trees to households across the district, is under way as part of Newark and Sherwood District Council’s strategy to protect, promote and enhance the natural environment.

Households can apply for up to two Rowan or Crab Apple trees, which are between 40 and 60 centimetres high, by submitting an online application form.

Crap Apple are medium-sized trees that grow to a height of around 12 metres. White flowers open in clusters during April and May, followed by small hard edible fruits during autumn. The apples are too sour to eat raw, but they can be made into jelly.

Rowan trees also grow to around 12 metres. Creamy white flowers open in clusters in May and June, followed by red berries and attractive leaf colour in autumn. The berries can be used to make Rowan jelly and are a favourite food for birds.

Community planting projects will also soon commence across the district, involving local groups and businesses including Newark Castle Rotary Club and Newark-based food company Bakkavor.

District council leader, David Lloyd, said: “Newark and Sherwood is home to the world famous Sherwood Forest and as well as being an iconic part of our landscape, trees are vital in the fight against climate change. They help to improve the quality of our air, cool the warming planet, reduce flood risks as well as absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

“These tree planting projects follow on from our highly successful Cleaner, Safer and Greener campaign and in particular, the Greener element of that initiative. By increasing the number of trees in the district, not only are we making our communities more attractive, greener places to live and work, we are assisting the government in meeting its crucial target of planting 11 million trees between now and 2022.”

The free tree scheme will also be extended to Parish councils across the district who will be contacted with information about how they can apply.

Free tree applicants will be able to collect their trees from the following locations on the dates listed:

Saturday 23 November

Sconce and Devon Park, Newark 10.30am to 1pm
Vicar Water Country Park, Clipstone 10.30am to 1pm

Saturday 30 November

War Memorial Park, Southwell 10.30am to 1pm
Yew Tree Road Park, Ollerton 10.30am to 1pm

Trees will be available on these dates only, so residents are being encouraged to check that they are available on one of these dates or to find someone to collect on their behalf prior to applying.

Households can apply for a free tree here: www.newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk/greener/freetrees/ (deadline for applications is Monday 11th November)

The scheme is being supported by Crowders Nurseries, a wholesale grower of native and ornamental trees, shrubs and all hardy plants.

Published October 2019