Flying the Flag for Southwell Clubs!

Flying the Flag for Southwell Clubs!

News September 15, 2020
Flying the Flag for Southwell Clubs!

Southwell Town Council’s plan to brighten the town centre by displaying flags representing local voluntary organisations is now coming to fruition.

Over 36 flags have been ordered by the Clubs and Societies of Southwell and they are starting to be put up along King and Queen Street.

“We are delighted to see so many Southwell organisations buying their flag for erection on the street flag poles in the town. We hope that the display will be a cheerful reminder of what we have in Southwell,” said Peter Harris, Chair of the Town Council’s new Town Environment Committee. “The flags will be up on display until the Bramley Festival when new street decorations are planned by the Town Council.”

Other initiatives to brighten the town centre include painting of the bollards and street furniture by volunteers, including members of the Southwell and District Lions Club and Southwell Scouts.

A second order is being collated by the Town Council for any other Clubs and Societies who also wish to have a flag. Please contact the Town Council offices for information on 01636 816103.

Now clubs and venues are slowly starting to open again, it is important to remember that some members of our community are still vulnerable and may be continuing to self-isolate. Southwell Town Council’s emergency hub and the Southwell Torpedos are still here to help you if needed. To contact them please call 01636 330005 daily from 9am to 5pm.

Published September 2020