Finn’s Winning Design

Finn’s Winning Design

Sport November 27, 2014
Finn’s Winning Design

Lowe’s Wong Junior School has had an unexpected windfall thanks to Year 6 pupil Finn Brady.

As winner of a competition to design a cycling jersey, Finn received £2,000 to spend on items from Halfords for his school, he also saw his design made into a real jersey.

Finn’s mum Anita said: “We found out a couple of weeks ago that Finn had won, he was very modest about it and wrote a little note in his reading diary to remind himself to tell me when he got home!

“Mr Follen very kindly offered to use some of the money to buy Finn a bike of his choice, he choose a very stylish racing bike and now hopes to join his father and grandfather who are very keen road cyclists.”

Headteacher, Mike Follen, has used the money to buy biking accessories, items for the school minibus and over 30 scooters for the children to use at school.

Staff from Halfords recently visited the school to present Finn with the equipment, his new bike and most importantly his winning jersey.
“He is clearly delighted with his bike as it has now taken centre stage in my living room, he cant wait to be out there!” said Anita.