Final Push for Park Project

Final Push for Park Project

News June 14, 2016
Final Push for Park Project

Southwell is now within touching distance of securing an impressive play park for toddlers and primary school children. 

The new park is due to be replace the toddler park on Bishops Drive and while the existing park has been at the core of our community for generations, creating happy memories for children and parents alike, it has not received any direct improvements for over twenty years. In an attempt to create a park that can continue to inspire local families and attract visitors to the town, the community group Friends of Southwell Parks have now secured almost £80,000 from grants and fundraising and donations from Southwell Town Council and N & S District Council. While this is indeed an impressive figure, it remains just short of what is needed to get the project off the ground. 

Southwell businesses have now stepped in to help in any way they can with the community project. A & V Squires, who originally donated the land on which the park is located to Southwell Town Council, have already agreed that the footprint of the park can be expanded and will be clearing the park ready for the new play equipment. Gascoines, Hyde Barker, Pinders, the Post Office, Southwell Lions Club, Oliver Brown Ltd and S D Staples Plant Hire have all sponsored equipment or donated money. Children’s House Nursery have been selling teas and coffee to raise funds. Every single contribution is helping and Friends of Southwell Parks are keen to work with other local businesses in any way they can so please do get in touch.

Fundraising within the local community will be continuing over the summer months, with the hope that enough money can be raised in time to have a grand opening for the park on Bramley Apple Day in October. Look out for a children’s ‘apple hunt’ that will be hosted by Gascoines on Southwell Fun Day and a pub quiz on 8th July at the Minster School.

Buy a Bramley Apple! 

Local artist, Phil Neal, has been asked to create a fabulous Bramley Apple den for the new park. The den will be made from a steel structure with Willow plants planted all the way round, which will, in the next few years, create an amazing place to play. Phil has also produced some small Bramley Apples made from metal which will be engraved with children’s names (24 characters max) and then attached onto the structure. So you now have the opportunity to buy your family a Bramley Apple and become a part of the Southwell Park’s history forever. All proceeds will go directly to the park fund. See Bramley Apple order form above right.

Gascoines have now also made it easier for residents to donate money, with a charity bucket available in their offices at the top of Church Street. Donations can still be made online www.friendsofsouthwellparks.co.uk or by bank transfer to Friends of Southwell Parks, Natwest account number 36117005 and sort code 60-20-15.

Don’t forget every single penny will help create a park that can be treasured by children and families for generations to come.