Fibre is Good for You

Fibre is Good for You

News June 7, 2017
Fibre is Good for You

The steady introduction of super-fast broadband into Morton & Fiskerton has been gathering momentum over recent months with some 100 connected subscribers, all enjoying superior internet speeds at a cost easily comparable with the longer established suppliers.

The project is continuing to attract new households wanting to migrate from their current broadband supplier to the F4RN network having seen the benefits that this service provides.

In the initial stage of the project most households were connected to the network using Wi-Fi as this was the quickest way of getting people connected. However homes are progressively being converted to 100% fibre to the home (FTTH) which gives even greater service stability and a more consistent speed.

Currently around 30% of connected households are on fibre but this is rapidly changing as the energetic team of volunteers install ducting and fibre direct to individual households. The plan in the next 12 months is to ensure every subscribing home is fed by fibre.

As fibre routes are developed, existing Wi-Fi users are switched over to their new fibre connection. New subscribers are evaluated regarding their proximity to an existing fibre route and connected right away or provided with a Wi-Fi connection until such time as a fibre termination is achievable.

This conversion to fibre comes at no additional cost to the end users in line with the F4RN’s financial objective of ensuring that the service is financially viable. It is a community scheme and as such subscribers are not hoodwinked into increased charges after an initial contract period.

The F4RN network is owned, installed and maintained by the community and as such it prides itself on the highest level of customer service. In fact the steady increase in new customers is generated in no short measure by three main factors, competitive costs, quality of service and recommendations by users themselves.

For those residents of Morton & Fiskerton who have not yet joined the scheme it is not too late and the F4RN Sales & Marketing team are anxious to help you get up to speed.

A F4RN user’s viewpoint

Like many people I had experienced poor broadband service from BT over a long period of time which had greatly hindered my ability to carry out basic day to day internet activities whilst downloading etc. was almost impossible to perform.

I was connected to the F4RN network via WiFi in late November 2016 and must say I have been very impressed by the method of installation, the attention to detail plus the quality and stability of the broadband service provided by F4RN. The difference between the old and the new broadband service is huge. F4RN offer a great alternative both financially and technically, I feel it is money well spent.

The actual changeover went smoothly with no teething problems. Whilst my broadband service is currently delivered via WiFi I am aware that in due course I will be connected via fibre to my home as the team of dedicated volunteers install the necessary infrastructure.

I would highly recommend the F4RN service for the above reasons.”

                                                                                                Ms Lorna Latham of Fiskerton

Further information also available at: www.f4rn.org.uk