Extend your Living Space

Extend your Living Space

Business News February 7, 2018
Extend your Living Space

It is said that for every person who self builds their home there are 15 that add extensions.

Adding living space is more popular than ever before and the reasons are clear to see. An overwhelming advantage of extending over moving is the issue of stamp duty; the combination of this, agents fees and moving costs could equate to the cost of an extension. Not to mention eliminating the hassle of moving home! 

However to extend your home whilst also improving your investment is not always as simple as it seems, which means you have to put a lot of thought into even the smallest extension. Many people start their project without knowing enough about:

1. Design, which includes key issues such as awareness of minimum ceiling heights and room sizes, the removal of walls to create space and light, and the efficacy of loft conversions or basement spaces.

2. The Law, including key issues such as the Right to Light, The Party Wall Act and Rights of Way.

3. Construction, key issues include the necessity of Site Insurance, adherence to Building Regulations and the application of VAT relief.

4. Planning, key issues such as the restrictions of Conservation Areas, the challenges of Listed Buildings and the permutations of Permitted Development.

For guidance on how to negotiate these many considerations, please contact us for an initial consultation on 01636 814624 or studio@julierichardsdesign.co.uk

We will be happy to help you extend your home, make the right choices and improve your investment too.

For further details of past extension projects please see Frame the Sky and Extending Lines of Light in the Built Projects section of our website www.julierichardsdesign.co.uk