Experts to debate key political issues via university’s new general election blog site

Experts to debate key political issues via university’s new general election blog site

News March 10, 2015

Millions of people across the UK will head to the polling stations on 7th May for what promises to be one of the most unpredictable General Elections of the modern era. As a result, a team of experts from across Nottingham Trent University has come together to help shed light on some of the key issues ahead of election day, offering insight and analysis across a wide range of election-related topics.

They will be giving their views via a dedicated new blog site – www.ntuelectionexperts2015.com – debating major political issues on everything from education to health, crime to the environment and employment to transport.

In the first blog on the new site ‘So…what can we expect from the 2015 General Election?’, Dr Matthew Ashton, a lecturer in politics in the university’s School of Social Sciences, writes: “This is one of the most unpredictable elections of the last 40 years. Elections in 1997, 2001 and 2005 were forgone conclusions with most people able to predict the result months before polling day. By 2010 it was much more open ended – and 2015 is looking equally uncertain.”

Dr Ashton’s blog will be followed by comment from Professor of Sociology, Robert Dingwall, who will discuss the future of the NHS; psychologist Professor Mark Griffiths, on egomania in politics; and employment law expert Peter McTigue, who will debate zero hours contracts.

Professor Edward Peck, Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham Trent University, said: “We have created this blog site in order to provide an informed debate on issues relating to the General Election 2015, utilising the university’s breadth of expertise and research.

“We have a huge team of experts here at Nottingham Trent University and over the next two months we will be engaging with them via this website to help inform voters on a broad range of election-related issues.”

For more information visit www.ntuelectionexperts2015.com or follow us on Twitter @NTUNews