Eggs-citing Animal Science

Eggs-citing Animal Science

Featured News February 3, 2023
Eggs-citing Animal Science

THIS term all of the children at Lowe’s Wong Infant School are learning about animals in their science work. 

Key Stage 1 are learning about habitats and animal life cycles, and the Foundation Stage children are learning to observe changes and talk about animals. 

As part of this work the Friends of Lowe’s Wong Infant School (the Parent/Teacher association) have very kindly raised funds so that the school can join in a ‘Living Eggs’ project. 

On Monday 16th January an incubator with ten eggs inside was delivered to the school, and the children have really enjoyed waiting for the chicks to hatch and watching them develop. 

We even managed to capture a time lapse video of one of the chicks hatching from the egg! 

At the time or writing this article we have eight healthy chicks in school, who we believe are five males and three females. It’s so exciting for everyone to see their progress. 

Aly Speed, Headteacher