Dr. Magnus Pyke Launches IT82

Dr. Magnus Pyke Launches IT82

Extracts from The Bramley 30 Years Ago February 9, 2012

Dr. Magnus Pyke officially launched INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY YEAR in the East Midlands on January 21st.

In his speech to an audience from local industry, commerce and private and public administration, Dr. Pyke expressed with his characteristic enthusiasm, the importance of IT to Britain and her future.

IT, the application of microelectronics to make the handling of information more reliable, quick and economical, is the most revolutionary marriage of technological skills seen this century. The changes and benefits it will bring will be as profound as those of the Industrial Revolution, Dr. Pyke said.

Statement by Kenneth Baker MP, Minister for Information Technology. “Information Technology (IT) is the fastest developing area of industrial and business activity in the Western World. Its markets are huge, its applications multitudinous and its capacity for increasing efficiency immense. Without doubt it will be the engine of economic growth for at least the rest of the century. Britain’s economic prosperity depends on the success with which we manufacture its products and provide and exploit its services. This is the message that must be got over to everyone in this country – the general public, school children as well as industry trade and commerce.”

By 1983 everyone in the region will have had the opportunity to take part in at least one IT related activity. There will be an IT stand at all major exhibitions and shows. Mobile exhibition units specially constructed by the National Computing Centre in conjunction with the Department of Industry will bring the latest  techniques, teletext, viewdata and research terminals, word processors and educational aids into the open air. In addition, open days in retail outlets, department stores, schools, offices, libraries and colleges will bring IT to the high street. A concerted programme of seminars and debates, will enable everyone to put forward their point of view. This begins on February 10th with a conference in Nottingham for headmasters of local schools.

Touring the region will be IT82 speakers from all sectors, bringing the IT message to small business, women’s interest groups and other IT users.

For further information and details, contact Peter Ford (Chairman) or Dr. P.L. Ward (Secretary) IT82 East Midlands Committee.