Discover the mystery of Bell Ringing!

Discover the mystery of Bell Ringing!

News April 2, 2014


 Bells have rung out from Southwell Minster since 1050 so new Tower Captain, Trevor Bryan is delighted and privileged to be one in a very long line of Tower Captains at the cathedral.

Southwell has a beautiful ring of bells that can be rung for service, weddings, special occasions and also National events, but in order to meet the needs for which the Minster bells are rung, a capable team of ringers is essential, and this can only be achieved by ongoing recruitment to the band, which is something Trevor wants to encourage.

“The art of bell ringing is a skill that most people aged 8 – 80 can enjoy. It does not require strength, musical ability or a mathematical brain. Bell ringers discover a special talent called ‘rope sight’ but being a ringer first is essential to uncover the mystery of it!” says Trevor.

“Southwell is fortunate to have a dedicated band of ringers who regularly climb the 100 plus steps to ring our bells. My aim is to strive for the best ringing and striking possible, also to recruit and retain a band who can ring the 12 bells beautifully.”

Trevor is also keen to attract lapsed ringers who may have learnt, lived and rung elsewhere, maybe at a smaller tower and feel ‘daunted’ by the size of the Minster. He suggests that perhaps now is the time to come back to ringing…

Practice Nights are Tuesdays from 7.30pm – 9 pm. Sundays start at 10.20am for the 11.15am service. Ringers meet at the small west facing door to the central tower on the south side of the Minster opposite The Great Hall. Please contact Trevor beforehand: trev.bryan@gmail.com