Could you host a Child?

Could you host a Child?

News April 2, 2014
Could you host a Child?


In former editions of the Bramley there have been appeals for families or retired persons to look after in their homes children from Belarus. The appeal was successful and 11 children age 8 -11 came to stay in our area this winter for three weeks.

The children were very happy with the families and were very grateful for this chance to come to our country. The reason they come to us is so they can have fresh air and good food. They live in the Gomel area of Belarus in a town called Kalinkovichi. They need respite from living in the area because the land they live on is contaminated by the nuclear fallout from Chernobyl in 1986.The children have weak immune systems and as they get older may have problems with their health. Giving them a few weeks away from the area can improve their health.

Organisers are now looking for hosts in the Newark & Sherwood area to look after a child or two children (the choice is yours) in the summer from 26th July – 23rd August. You can host for the full 4 weeks or just two weeks and then the child (ren) will stay with another host family. You will see a massive improvement with these children in just the short stay they are with you. They can stay with a family with or without children and also retired persons. The joy on their faces is something to behold.

There is full support throughout the period the children are with you in the way of 24/7 help with anything and a full complement of support hosts. Language is not a problem as we have a leader/interpreter and also learning the basics such as please, thank you, yes, no is fun as is them learning our language.

The child and you with your family will visit various places in the area such as swimming, parks and a host of other places. No cost to these visits is made by yourselves for the child (ren) or for yourselves and your family. 

If you wish for further information regards hosting a child (ren) please contact Robert Crampton 01623 237824 or 07815 473802 anytime.