Could you Host a Child?

Could you Host a Child?

News October 14, 2014

In former issues of The Bramley I have told how our charity brings children from Belarus to Southwell. This last summer we had 12 visitors stay in host family homes. None of the children had ever left their own area before let alone come to another country.

The children come from a village in Belarus called Molotkovichi in the Brest region and all of them came with no expectations whatsoever. Everything we did was new to them including seeing the sea! The children come for three weeks for respite and fresh air as they all live within the area of Chernobyl.

I am now asking you if it is possible for you to host a child or two children for three weeks from 15th February to 8th March next year. All the children who come will have never been for respite before as we always have different children each visit. If you host you will receive 24 hour support also a support family at any time if you need one. The children will go on a number of visits in our area and you and your own family are encouraged to join them if you wish at no cost to you. All the children will be aged 8-11 years. The gender of the child will be your decision.

I do hope you could give some thought if you could host for us as it does give the children a good respite and yourself a lot of fulfilment.

If you wish to have further information regards hosting could you please contact me 07815 473802 or robert.crampton@tiscali.co.uk and I with a colleague be only too pleased to come and see you.

Robert Crampton, Chernobyl Children LIfeline