Could you be a First Responder?

Could you be a First Responder?

News April 2, 2014

A group of local volunteers under the control of the East Midlands Ambulance Service who attend local calls relating to heart and breathing difficulties is looking for new members.


 Since 2002, Southwell Community First Responders has responded to over 1,000 calls and in at least two cases it is believed the use of a defibrillator has helped to save a life. Already this year the team has attended more than 30 calls.

However, following recent retirements there are now just five members left in the group raising concerns that they may not be able to provide regular cover. It currently operates from 8am to 10pm, after which retained firefighters from Southwell Fire Station take over. Volunteers work from a monthly rota based on the availability they have given. Over the years the remit of the group has expanded and members now also respond to calls concerning panic attacks, asthma, shock and allergic reactions.

Full training will be provided and new volunteers will be accompanied by others until they feel comfortable attending calls on their own. Anyone wishing to join the group should contact the group’s co-ordinator Mario Stankovic on 01636 814494.